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Behavior Modification

Why does my dog do that?

Does your dog need help with a specific training or behavioral issue such as:

Charging the front door?

Bolting out the front door?


Jumping on people?

Excessive barking?


Dog or people aggressive?

Shy or fearful?

Protective of their toys, food, or even you?

Crate training​?

Marking in the house?


*4 Week Program

* Choose any 2 behaviors (additional behaviors are $40 each)

* Individualized Program for you and your dog

* 1 hour weekly sessions

* 1 follow-up session at one month after completion of program

Cost:  $435.00

Initial Consultation up to 1-1/2 hours: $150.00.

If you sign up for this programs during the consultation, you get $150.00 off of the program cost.


Submit contact information to receive a Behavior Consultation Questionnaire, to be completed before your first appointment.

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